Proactive Back Acne Treatment


The same causative elements of facial acne can be the same culprits for body acne. Hormones, environmental factors, personal habits, skincare products, and genetics can cause clogging of your pores thereby causing back acne. While you might find it easier to hide back acne with clothing, it’s still not a pleasant thing, and that’s why you need proactive back acne treatment.

Proactive Back Acne Treatment

What Cause Back Acne

Back acne can happen to anyone, but the most affected people are the athletes and people who exercise. This is accelerated by sweat staying too long on the skin. Sweat harbors bacteria traps oils, and dirt on the skin thereby clogging its pores.

Tight clothes can also accelerate acne by not allowing your skin to breathe. This traps elements that can clog the pores thereby causing acne.

Also, friction against your back from items such as backpacks can aggravate your skin and increase the chances of acne.

How to Get Rid of Body Acne

Fortunately, back acne treatments and lifestyle changes that help manage and treat facial acne can also work for back acne. Keeping your skin hydrated and clean, keeping your pores clear of debris, oils, and bacteria, as well as exfoliating dead skin cells, can help reduce your back acne.

That’s why it’s advisable to shower after a workout or strenuous activity that causes you to sweat. Also, wipe down gym equipment with antibacterial wipes before using them to keep bacteria at bay.

Also, wear clothes that are not too tight to allow your skin to breathe and wash your bed sheets regularly as dead skin cells can accumulate on lines.

In addition to the above three natural acne treatments, proactive acne treatments products can help prevent and treat back acne. Here are the best three acne treatment products on the market;

Proactive Deep Cleansing Wash

This is a gentle cleanser that is perfect for any skin type.


Benefits of Proactive Deep Cleansing Wash

– It has smooth exfoliating beads that lifts away dead skin cells

– It also has salicylic acid that helps to unclog pores by reducing oiliness

– This cleaning wash prevents future breakouts of acne

Proactive Clear Zone Body Acne Pads

These body pads have been uniquely developed for treating acne on face and back. They have salicylic acid, a proven ingredient to fight acne, and glycolic acid, which ensures that your skins get healthier and smoother over time.

Benefits of using Proactive Clear Zone Body Acne Pads

– It has a balanced combination of ingredients for treating acne

– Contains green tea extracts, which is a proven skin moisturizer

– Helps in preventing back acne from developing and minimizing existing back acne


African Black Soap

These unique and natural soaps have grown in popularity in the recent months, and they are being used all over the world.

The benefits of African Black Soap

– It has been proven to work for back acne

– It’s all natural and has no fragrance or harsh chemicals

– Lathers nicely in your hands

The Bottom Line

The above three back acne treatment products should be used in conjunctions with the natural ways of preventing and managing acne. That way, you’ll keep back acne at bay.

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