Dermcare Acne Treatment Review


Five days after my initial “deep facial cleaning” with Pinoy Spa Atbp, I decided to go to Dermcare at Farmers Cubao and have it done again. I felt the necessity to experience a different facial cleaning session since I obtained breakouts and I was dissatisfied with Pinoy Spa’s variation of cleaning.

I inquired about their services and opted for cleaning using seaweed mask because I have acne breakouts. I moved there around 12:45 PM and because there were clients waiting, they advised me to come back after 30-45 minutes.

Dermcare Acne Treatment

I moved back to the clinic at PM but no one is accessible to accommodate me so I waited in their small lounge area and read some magazines.

40 minutes later, my name had been called so I moved in, put my bag on the locker, and washed my face as instructed by the skin adviser assigned to me. At exactly 2:15 PM, she set a cream and had it off for thirty minutes.

She used a laser to shut the pores that are also for anti-infection in accordance with my advisor she let it dry for 15 minutes until she finally implemented anti-allergy and tretinoin cream and applied the seaweed mask.

I’ve been a loyal client of Dermcare for 5 years now. Although I try other practices also at times, I always find myself going back to Dermcare as if it is my “first home”.


There are reasons why I sometimes choose to go to a different clinic as Opposed to visiting Dermcare:

1. It might be that my session did not go well. Either because the epidermis consultant was ungentle and made my head look like “it was murdered”

2. Or my acne got worse after the session

3. Or simply because the receptionist wasn’t accommodating

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