Best Facial Moisturizers for Men

Best Facial Moisturizers for Men

Too many guys still think that the words “moisture regimen” should only be uttered by chicks. They also use the word “chicks” as if it is contemporary. Leave such gentlemen and their chapped skin, wrinkles, and possible melanoma in the dust by selecting a men’s facial moisturizer that helps keep your skin smooth, soft, and youthful, even if you spend your days under the blazing sun and your nights out under the stars. The more exposure your skin has to the elements, the more it needs a moisture routine to help keep it in shape.

Choosing a good moisturizer is all about knowing what your body needs. We’ve found those with no synthetic ingredients to reduce irritation, protectors that fight off sun and wind damage, short-term assistance when you’re hungover but still need to look your best for a presentation, and some that help smooth away wrinkles and prevent aging. For any guy who wants to put his best foot forward, here’s the 7 best facial moisturizer for men.

Jack Black Double-Duty

Pro: 100% Vegan ingredients
Con: Can feel dense especially on oily skin

Truly Natural: Many moisturizers are riddled with synthetic ingredients with unpronounceable names that were developed in a lab. There is often nothing wrong with these, and indeed, they can do wonders for your skin, but any man who is looking to live purely vegan, or just wants products that only come from the Earth, there is Jack Black’s Double-Duty. It bears an SPF of 20 for minor protection from UVA and UVB rays. So long as you don’t intend on laying out to build up a base tan – and aren’t as allergic to the sun as your average vampire – then it should be enough to keep you safe. It’s fairly lightweight and won’t make you feel oily thanks to the ingredients that are gluten, fragrance, and paraben free, but the added SPF gives it a slight “sunscreen” quality. You’ll find vitamin E rich algae for suppleness and elasticity, phospholipids that work with your natural oils to create a barrier against the world, and leaf extracts that help enhance collagen production and antioxidants.

Zirh Protect By Zirh International

Pro: No greasy feeling
Con: Can make skin appear shiny

On Guard: Just as a good base layer is important for keeping your body warm when the temperature drops, using a facial moisturizer that protects you skin can help prevent damage before it has a chance to gain a foothold. This is important for many reasons, be it keeping more of your natural moisture, protecting from the great and cruel outdoors, or battling aging. Zirh Protect is the vanguard for your face that can keep wrinkles, spots, and dryness from ever laying siege to your skin. The formula fights off free radicals that come from pollution as well as the sun’s radiation. Squalaneis stimulates your skin’s natural immunities and is derived from plants, who survive in the sun day after day. A number of alpha hydroxy acids bind water and aid in exfoliation so that you shed dead or diseased skin cells more easily.

Ursa Major Fortifying Face Balm

Pro: Antiseptic and anti-aging ingredients
Con: Can leave a slightly sticky residue

For Soothing the Shave: If you require a cream that will really give your skin a vacation after you hit it with a straight razor then Ursa Major is the combination of relief and infection-fighting power that you demand. It is more of a serum than a balm, and as such it is light and airy, allowing your face to breathe even as it keeps moisture in. The ingredients are all natural, with 82% of them being fully organic, making it one of the more eco-friendly facial moisturizers out there. The witch hazel and willow bark offer natural antiseptic properties for dealing with nicks and cuts as well as preventing infection. Kensi and sunflower oils work with aloe to give it its hydrating abilities while birch sap reduces wrinkles and other age markers. The single issue that can come up is a sticky feeling immediately after use. It fades, but it isn’t sexy right away.


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